I started this blog so that I would have a place to write outside of my work, to express the [feminist] part of me that wasn’t feeling properly nurtured elsewhere in my life. At first, I crafted posts almost entirely in reaction to articles I read on Jezebel. Reacting to a website that is so loosely feminist seemed like the easiest way to express my feminist-self, and it protected me from having to generate original, personal thought. Over time, the practice of writing opened me up, and I felt compelled to share more personal reflections. Now, my humble effort at online presence consists of a collection of posts on everything from the personal to the political, and in that way, it has finally become a feminist blog in the way I always hoped it would.

The name for my blog comes from an experience I had in college conducting outreach for my feminist organization. I sent a bulk email out to a bunch of folks, and received the following in response:

I neither subscribe to “feminism” nor its male counterpart “minism.” Please remove me from your mailing list.

I enjoyed a good laugh at this person’s confusion, or perhaps brilliant sense of humor [though I doubt this is the case], and I thought of the minist often in subsequent years as a grad student wrestling with dialectics, gender, and critical theory. How easy it is to define ourselves in opposition to something else. How challenging it can be to embrace a non-dualistic identity.

I am a feminist, and my practice of feminism seeks to overcome the binaries that define and hold us back. In honor of the minist, I chose a title for my blog that breaks down the simplest, and most challenging, of dualisms: I/you, we/them. I am theminist. I am them. I like to think that’d make Heidegger smirk.

If my blog seems disjointed, that’s because it’s by definition not a fully realized concept. It’s a practice. I hope you enjoy it as I do.