Earlier this year, a friend sent me a video of a small startup theatre company’s interpretation of Four Saints in Three Acts by Gertrude Stein. He called it “theater of joy.” He was right.

Four Saints in Three Acts is an opera with absolutely no narrative or pre-written music. To bring it to life, Theater Plastique looked to American roots music, and what they produced can only be described as transcendental. It’s a performance that goes straight from your eyes and ears to the fingertips and toes of your soul. Like an incantation. But for real. Just try to imagine what this would feel like in person:

Clearly, I’m kind of in love with this piece, so when I was asked if I could help get its second incarnation, Gertrude Stein SAINTS!, to its first professional run in NYC, I jumped at the chance to support this production. Now, I’m hoping I can get at least a few more people to do the same by making a (tax deductible!) donation to Theater Plastique.

I know that this is probably the seven hundredth time someone has asked you for money this year, and I know that there are some really important causes out there that need support, but for this tiny up and coming theater company, every dollar truly counts — and what they’re doing with it is pretty awesome. Theater Plastique is not only making art, they’re making feminist art. And unlike some big budget productions who can actually afford it and still choose not to (I’m talking about you, Sleep No More), Theater Plastique actually pays its cast and crew. In other words, these folks are making performance art that truly breaks the mold in the best possibly ways, and they need your support in order to keep doing it.

Robert Schumann once said “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts — such is the duty of the artist.” Please considering opening your heart to Theater Plastique, and if you can, making a donation to enable their continued work into 2014.