Feminism is Fun (Part 2: The British survey the lady-scape.)

A lady (n.) could be a polite, refined and well-spoken woman, a woman of high social distinction or nobility, or any woman at all. When we hear the word “lady,” we recognize that the person described by it is performing a certain kind of role. But do we know exactly what she’s doing? Is a […]

Feminism is Fun (Part 1: Dating is Fun?)

I am currently feasting on chick lit for a series I’m going to affectionately, bitingly, call Feminism is Fun. Hilary Winston, author of My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me, had me at this: This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever had their heart broken. And dreamed of getting the tiniest slice of […]

Menstrual Mishap

Why on earth is the header image on Jezebel a big red splotch decorated with the words “the human stain.” imploring me for horrifying tales from menstrual cycles past? “Rust-spotted underwear. Ruined pants. Discolored dining chairs. Crippling cramps. Chances are, if you’ve had your period, you’ve had a menstruation mishap.” Really, Jezebel? Here’s the thing: […]

To Strike Is Not Enough

I work for an organization that sees the corrupting influence of money in politics as the root problem of innumerable others—clean air, access to healthcare, deregulation, subsidies, taxes, etc. The idea is simple: if Congress is broken, how can we expect it to pass meaningful legislation? Congress must move its dependency from the funders to […]

Coming Clean

Work has prevented me from giving appropriate energy to this blog. I have two jobs. I love them both, and I work way too much. Lately my workload feels overwhelming. I’ve had trouble keeping up with other parts of my life, including giving minimal energy to things like eating real food and sleeping more than […]