Not “Paid For By” Anyone

I haven’t written here since MAYDAY.US came into my life and shook it all up. Nine months, two epic crowd-funding rounds, and one tumultuous midterm election later, everything feels different — and yet exactly the same. I’m not talking about the issue of reform. I’m talking about me. Some part of me was convinced that a […]

A letter: Can you support our experiment to fix government?

Friends, Colleagues, Lovers: It’s me again, your professional activist friend/sister/daughter/niece/colleague who’s always talking about politics and how to make the world a better place. You’ve all patiently listened to one or many of my rants. Some of you will recall the unfortunate timing of the Bush administration with my rambunctious teenage-to-young-adult years. For your love […]

Confessions of a Feminist Campaign Finance Reform Activist

For two weeks in January I traversed New Hampshire — the long way — to advocate for campaign finance reform with the New Hampshire Rebellion. It was cold, exhausting, and incredibly successful, but it was yet another reminder that the democracy reform movement has a gender problem. I was one of a relatively small number […]

Sex is Not the Solution

Why does everything always have to be about sex? A photographic campaign from the UK features dozens of celebrities posing provocatively to raise awareness about the impact of over-fishing. The appropriately titled Fishlove includes men and women, from former X-Files star Gillian Anderson to French guitarist Thomas Dutronc. It’s been around since 2011, and in […]

Beyond Deliberative Democracy

Not a single Republican lawmaker attended last week’s 50th anniversary memorial of the March on Washington. Their absence made headlines, stoking the flames of partisan politics, and foreshadowing a moral contest for the 2014 midterm elections. It was nothing less than a perfect opportunity to manipulate a country sold on the promises of deliberative democracy, […]