Theater of Joy

Earlier this year, a friend sent me a video of a small startup theatre company’s interpretation of Four Saints in Three Acts by Gertrude Stein. He called it “theater of joy.” He was right. Four Saints in Three Acts is an opera with absolutely no narrative or pre-written music. To bring it to life, Theater […]

Sex is Not the Solution

Why does everything always have to be about sex? A photographic campaign from the UK features dozens of celebrities posing provocatively to raise awareness about the impact of over-fishing. The appropriately titled Fishlove includes men and women, from former X-Files star Gillian Anderson to French guitarist Thomas Dutronc. It’s been around since 2011, and in […]

Why Theminist?

I started this blog so that I would have a place to write outside of my work, to express the [feminist] part of me that wasn’t feeling properly nurtured elsewhere in my life. At first, I crafted posts almost entirely in reaction to articles I read on Jezebel. Reacting to a website that is so […]

Feminism’s Identity Crisis

I recently came across a deeply personal, acutely intelligent examination of the shortcomings of sex-positive feminism that once again reminded me of the limits of feminist dialectics. Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, like most self-described feminists I know, has experienced an expression of feminism that doesn’t fit her identity. This leads to her criticism of that feminism, […]

Why I May Never Get Married

Last year, while visiting my sister and her family in Colorado, my then three year old niece broke a glorious moment of silence at dinner with six dreadful words: “Aunt Szeli, where is your husband?” I told her I didn’t have one, but she was not satisfied. She demanded to know why I didn’t have […]