Not “Paid For By” Anyone

I haven’t written here since MAYDAY.US came into my life and shook it all up. Nine months, two epic crowd-funding rounds, and one tumultuous midterm election later, everything feels different — and yet exactly the same. I’m not talking about the issue of reform. I’m talking about me. Some part of me was convinced that a […]

Are We Feeling Confident Yet?

Oh “The Confidence Gap.” Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s attempt to improve the lives of women everywhere by explaining how, through lack of self-assurance, women are their own barriers to success has sparked a frenzy about the topic of women’s confidence. I loved Elizabeth Planck’s response: a list of ways to actually help women succeed […]

Bossy is a gendered word, not a dirty one

For all the things that Sheryl Sandberg has gotten wrong, there’s one thing she hasn’t: a man in charge is called a leader, a woman in charge is called bossy. Bossy is definitely a gendered word, but that is hardly good reason to sound the feminist alarm. Gendered language alone does not prove sexism or […]

Confessions of a Feminist Campaign Finance Reform Activist

For two weeks in January I traversed New Hampshire — the long way — to advocate for campaign finance reform with the New Hampshire Rebellion. It was cold, exhausting, and incredibly successful, but it was yet another reminder that the democracy reform movement has a gender problem. I was one of a relatively small number […]

Feminist Interpretations of Hunter S. Thompson

My new year’s resolution is to seek wisdom in new places. So I wondered: could Hunter S. Thompson help make me a better feminist? I think yes. Before a twenty-year-old Thompson penned some truly insightful ideas about finding meaning in life to his friend Hume Logan in 1958, he cautioned “all advice can only be […]