Not “Paid For By” Anyone

I haven’t written here since MAYDAY.US came into my life and shook it all up. Nine months, two epic crowd-funding rounds, and one tumultuous midterm election later, everything feels different — and yet exactly the same. I’m not talking about the issue of reform. I’m talking about me. Some part of me was convinced that a […]

A letter: Can you support our experiment to fix government?

Friends, Colleagues, Lovers: It’s me again, your professional activist friend/sister/daughter/niece/colleague who’s always talking about politics and how to make the world a better place. You’ve all patiently listened to one or many of my rants. Some of you will recall the unfortunate timing of the Bush administration with my rambunctious teenage-to-young-adult years. For your love […]

The Always Broken Goddess

In Hindu mythology there is a goddess who derives her power from being broken. Never whole, and therefore never limited. Meet Akhilandeshvari. “Ishvari” in Sanskrit means “goddess” or “female power,” and the “Akhilanda” means essentially “never not broken.” In other words, The Always Broken Goddess. Sanskrit is a tricky and amazing language, and I love […]

Are We Feeling Confident Yet?

Oh “The Confidence Gap.” Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s attempt to improve the lives of women everywhere by explaining how, through lack of self-assurance, women are their own barriers to success has sparked a frenzy about the topic of women’s confidence. I loved Elizabeth Planck’s response: a list of ways to actually help women succeed […]

Bossy is a gendered word, not a dirty one

For all the things that Sheryl Sandberg has gotten wrong, there’s one thing she hasn’t: a man in charge is called a leader, a woman in charge is called bossy. Bossy is definitely a gendered word, but that is hardly good reason to sound the feminist alarm. Gendered language alone does not prove sexism or […]