Friends, Colleagues, Lovers:

It’s me again, your professional activist friend/sister/daughter/niece/colleague who’s always talking about politics and how to make the world a better place. You’ve all patiently listened to one or many of my rants. Some of you will recall the unfortunate timing of the Bush administration with my rambunctious teenage-to-young-adult years. For your love and constant encouragement, I thank you from the bottom of my bleeding heart, and I write to you today to ask you for one more thing. One really important [and maybe last?!] act of support.

I recently joined a grassroots political experiment to fix government called the Mayday PAC. I’m currently its COO, and one of a handful of dedicated staffers and directors who are working tirelessly to succeed in launching this Super PAC to end all Super PACs. It’s a wild ride. But one month in I can already tell that this is one of the most significant things I will ever do.

That’s why I’m writing now to ask you if you would please consider supporting me and the Mayday PAC by contributing to my individual pledge page, which you can find here:

No amount is too big or too small. No amount at all is fine too — sharing it would be lovely, especially for those of you who are not US citizens and can’t pledge monetary support. But whatever you can do, please join me and other Americans in this grand experiment in reclaiming our democracy.

If you do, I promise that one day I will stop ranting. Okay, maybe I’ll just cut back on the ranting. But I’ll definitely be eternally, very grateful.

For all you’ve already done to support me, and for considering this humble appeal, I already am.